Green Dot, Advanced Beginner, Beginner, and Little Aces

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Woods Junior lessons are all run according to the USTA ROGY Tennis Guidelines, as well as the Missouri Valley R-O-G-Y pathway.

USTA Play Days: It is important that even young players get the opportunity to put practice into matches in a fun environment. We run free Play Days every Friday 12:30-3:30 PM for all players in all levels of lessons. Come in and put into play what you are practicing.

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Little Aces/Foam: 4-6 years old

  • Foam balls on a 36’ court and 21” racquet or smaller.
  • The goal of the Little Aces class is to give players a fun and exciting introduction to the sport of tennis. It is essentially a tennis themed motor skills class. Players will learn the body control and movements that will help them develop into tennis players, and be introduced to tennis as a rally based sport.

Beginner/Red: 7 – 11 years old

  • Red Balls on a 36’ court and 23” racquet or smaller
  • The goal of the Beginner class is to continue to teach tennis in a fun atmosphere, with the goal of having players rally together at the appropriate level. Some key techniques that will be used in all groups will be introduced here, but the focus will be on how to use these skills while rallying. The ability to play points and rally with an opponent from a young age are key to the enjoyment and progression of skills.

Advanced Beginner/Orange: 7-14 years old

  • Orange balls on a 60’ court and 25” racquet
  • The goal of the Advanced Beginner class is to continue the rally-based approach to learning, as well as introducing basic tactics to players. Techniques will be further developed, and players should have a solid base of topspin before moving up. The techniques developed should begin to open up more tactical options for players.

Green Dot: 9-15 years old

  • Green balls on a 78’ court and 26”+ racquet
  • The next step up from Advanced Beginner and a perfect class for High School players new to tennis.
  • The goal of the Green Dot class is to continue the rally-based approach to learning, but allow players to experience tennis on a full size court. Players will be introduced to the regular size court, but still at slower than full speed. Players will have an understanding of the basic tactics and how to implement them based on their opponent. The slightly slower balls allow greater tactical development by lengthening rallies.

Scholarship Opportunities:
Woods Tennis Center takes its theme of “Taking the Game to the Community” seriously. Each year adults and juniors receive scholarship assistance to learn this lifetime sport. Please contact us for scholarship information.