Intermediate, Challenger, Futures, and Grand Slam Training

(For beginner, advanced beginner, and green dot classes, click here)

Intermediate: 8-14 year olds

  • Yellow balls used on a 78’ court
  • The goal of the Intermediate group is to continue to develop players all-court skills and have them ready for tournament and/or high school play. Players will continue to develop skills around the whole court and to develop their own personal game style. Players should have confidence in most of their techniques and begin to use these to develop tactics to help them in their points.

Challenger Training:

  • This class is designed for Jr. High, Reserve, JV and lower level varsity players. These players should show interest in playing USTA district level tournaments.

Futures Training:

  • Must have prior Head Pro Approval
  • Varsity level high school and junior high players with a USTA district or sectional ranking.

Grand Slam Training:

  • Must have prior Head Pro Approval, a USTA district ranking and preferably play Missouri Valley or National tournaments.

Additional Benefits of Lessons at Woods

Junior Play Days: On Fridays 4:00-7:00 p.m., we have Play Days for participants in the Orange, Green Dot, Intermediate, Challenger, Futures and Grand Slam divisions. Play Days are completely free. A schedule of Play Days will be available after the start of the session.

Junior Drop in Court Rate: Junior players in regular lessons are able to get free “drop in” court time. Call the DAY OF and if there are available courts you can challenge a friend in our program, practice serves or use the ball machine at no cost.

Junior Tournament Supervision: Continuing this year we will make every attempt to have at least one coach attend District level tournaments across the state including the high school state tournaments when Woods patrons are participating. The cost for this is included in the price of lessons. Overnight trip expenses for coaches will be shared by participants.

Scholarship Opportunities
Woods Tennis Center takes its theme of “Taking the Game to the Community” seriously. Each year adults and juniors receive scholarship assistance to learn this lifetime sport. Please contact us for scholarship information.